Why do BCFC deny knowledge of Mr King / Wang Yaohui?

Wang Yaohui

Birmingham City director Edward Zheng Gannan made it clear that he had never heard of “Mr King” or Wang Yaohui when interviewed by Tom Ross for Talksport, despite pictures online of Wang Yaohui at St Andrew’s and evidence that the club has paid for security protection for him.

BCFC have no choice but to deny that Wang Yaohui has anything to do with the ownership or finances of the club. This is because if they accepted that it was true, Wang Yaohui would be forced to take the Owners and Directors Test (OADT). It would be difficult for Wang Yaohui to pass the OADT due to his numerous identities, and the investigations into his finances in the past made by the Chinese authorities among others.

Likewise, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange would want to ask questions if BCFC or BSHL confirmed Wang Yaohui’s involvement. This would not be good for BSHL for the same reason as above.

Wang Yaohui hides all of his finances, properties and companies behind other people so that it’s difficult to prove he owns anything. This makes it harder for authorities to stop him doing things, and makes it harder for them to investigate him.

Further Reading

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