Why is the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listing Worth So Much to BSHL?


Birmingham Sports Holdings Ltd are a company listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. What this means is that people can buy and sell shares in the company, with the price for each share listed on the stock exchange.

The listing on the stock exchange is valuable itself; current estimates value it at £40M. This means that it would cost at least £40M to buy a company that is listed on the stock exchange, even if it did nothing and made no money.

The reason it is so expensive is because it is very expensive and very hard for a company to get a new listing on the stock exchange. A company has to prove lots of things about how much money it has and how much profit it makes before they will get approved.

Most people and companies who want to get on the stock exchange want to get more money for their company so that they can do more things. This might mean that they don’t have much money or profit yet. Therefore, it is easier for them to buy a company that is already on the stock exchange than it is to get a new listing.

Because BSHL can bring more money into their company by selling new shares in BSHL to investors, the listing is very important and more valuable than BCFC. Therefore, BSHL will take actions that protect the listing before they take actions that protect the club.

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