Who Runs BCFC and BSHL?

St Andrew's

There are various people who run both BCFC and BSHL on a day to day basis. Some are directors and some are not, but all are employees rather than owners.

Who runs BCFC?


Zhao Wenqing – Chairman

Jerry Yiu Chun Kong

Edward Zheng Gannan

Shayne Wang Yao

Senior Management Team:

Mark Smith – Chief Financial Officer

Lungi Macebo – Chief Operating Officer

Ian Dutton – Chief Commercial Officer

Ciara Gallagher – Governance and Regulatory Manager

Jess Poulsen – Chief Branding and Marketing Officer (on maternity leave)

Who runs BSHL?

Zhao Wenqing (Chairman)

Huang Dongfeng (Chief Executive Officer)

Jerry Yiu Chun Kong (Executive Director)

Joe Hsiao Charng Geng (Executive Director)

Dr Guo Honglin (Executive Director)

Daniel Sue Ka Lok (Non-Executive Director)

Robert Yam Pui Hung (Company Secretary)

Further Reading

You can read more about the directors of BSHL and BCFC at almajir.net here: