Who at BSHL Took The Fit and Proper Person Test?


The EFL issue a test to all people who are involved with the running of a football club called the Owners and Directors Test (OADT). This is popularly known as the Fit and Proper Person test.

The EFL have a lengthy post online explaining the rules of the OADT here. In short, anyone who is a director of the club or has a role in senior management where they can sign off documents; any person who exercises control over the affairs of the club, along with those appointed to represent them, has to take the OADT.

To pass the OADT, a person has to prove that they are not subject to a “disqualifying condition” such as financial criminal convictions, insolvencies and suspensions by sports governing bodies.

If a person does something that means they will then fail the OADT – for example when Carson Yeung was convicted of money laundering – then they must step away from their position with the club.

People at BCFC / BSHL who will have taken the test

Zhao Wenqing

Edward Zheng Gannan

Shayne Wang Yao

Jerry Yiu Chun Kong

Paul Suen Cho Hung

Vong Pech

As it stands, Wang Yaohui has not taken the OADT. This is because BCFC and BSHL officially say he has nothing to do with the club and has no control over it.

Further Reading

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