How Much Debt Do BCFC and BSHL have?


To find out how much debt that either Birmingham City or BSHL owe, we need to look at accounts information published by those companies. This information is published yearly at Companies House (for BCFC) and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (for BSHL).

How much money do Birmingham City owe?

The last Birmingham City accounts were published on 16 April, 2021. These accounts show that Birmingham City owed £110,310,624 to BSHL on June 30, 2020. There is no date when this has to be paid back by, which means that in theory BSHL could ask for it all back at any time. However, BSHL promised in these accounts that they would not ask for it back before 31 December 2021.

On 7 June, 2021 BSHL sold a portion of BCFC to Oriental Rainbow Investments Ltd. When they sold that portion, they also gave them a portion of the debt. This means that now BCFC owes BSHL around £90.1M and Oriental Rainbow Investments Ltd £20.2M

The BSHL accounts published on 30 September, 2021 show that BCFC have borrowed £7,289,000 from the EFL on 29 March 2021. This has to be paid in six equal cash instalments, with the last payment due in January 2024.

While it is impossible to give a precise figure, the debt owed by BCFC was around £117.5M. However, between the dates of these reports and now some money might have been paid back.

How much money do BSHL owe?

The BSHL accounts from September 2021 say that BSHL owes

£4.6M to Trillion Trophy Asia Ltd.

£916,000 to un-named companies.

That gives a total of £5,516,000.

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